About Us

Get to Know Us

Sena Boxing is run by a husband and wife team, Jenny and Tay Sena who are on a mission to positively impact as many people as possible through health and fitness. Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself, whether it is for the health and fitness aspect or self defense/competition. We are here to connect you to the results YOU WANT and DESERVE! We will never tell you it's going to be easy, only WORTH it.

We strive to have an individualized approach to all our members and bring light to their strengths and transform their weaknesses into strengths.

We are in this line of work because it allows us to give someone the confidence they need to feel strong, fearless, and ready for anything that my present itself in life, not just in the gym. Having the ability to build someone's mindset is priceless and truly feeds our soul.

Meet Our Coaches


Owner/Head Coach

Tay grew up training in martial arts at the young age of 6. During his teen years, he found the streets and got himself into trouble. His experience has grown his passion for helping the youth stay off the streets and find an outlet for those that don't know how to express themselves. He has devoted himself to a new way of life that promotes positivity, discipline and focus.


Owner/Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Jenny grew up as a shy, insecure kid from immigrant parents who couldn't afford to feed their family a "healthy diet". She got into fitness as a teenager who wanted to lose weight. She quickly became obsessed and was inspired to become a Bikini Competitor. She went on to do 5 shows placing Top 3 in every show. After doing her 5th show, she wanted to take a break and dove into Boxing and Muay Thai where she instantly feel in love. Jenny has over 8 years of fitness experience with a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition. She is passionate about helping women find their confidence and inner bad ass.