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What's holding you back?

Lack of Motivation

If you've had trouble sticking with a fitness plan before, our high-energy group classes will keep your fire lit! At Sena Boxing, you can expect accountability, encouragement, and motivating results!


A lot of people want to work out, but they find gyms uncomfortable. It can be discouraging to not know where to start or what to do. Our coaches will teach you proper technique and form whether it's hitting the heavy bag or strength training.


We offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to cater to a variety of different schedules.


When you're here, you're family! We have built a culture and community of people that are goal-oriented and motivated. All of our members were just as nervous to get started. They know what it is like to attend their first class or have some struggles. We are in this together!

Programs & Classes

Bag Conditioning

Bag conditioning classes are structured into interval "rounds" with a mix of bodyweight exercises. These workouts are designed to build endurance, strength and coordination. This stress relieving workout will get you burning anywhere from 400-600 calories per class.


Bootcamp is an all in one workout that mixes calisthenics, cardio and strength training. Your Coach will have your heart rate up while you move through a variety of different movements at your own pace. Increase your stamina, build strength, muscle and burn calories during this intense but fun workout


Our competition program is designed for boxers of all ages to reach their full potential in the ring. Our program implements high performance Olympic style boxing while having an individualized approach to each unique fighter. USA Boxing certified to help our young competitors reach the highest levels of the amateur/professional world.

Youth Boxing

Our youth boxing program is designed for kids ages 5-11 where they will learn boxing fundamentals such as stance, guard, basic punches/combination while having fun. These workouts will build confidence, promote physical activity, teach self discipline, respect, and increases focus. *Option to advance into youth competition is available with coaches approval.

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Hear what our members have to say:

Workouts are always challenging while specially tailored for my goals based on my starting point. I highly recommend Sena Boxing.

~ Ramone C.

What I like about working with Sena Boxing Club, is the firm but caring approach. He pushes my son to build the habits he needs to, but he is also incredibly patient in explaining

~ Kristen O.

Training with Coach Tay has been absolutely the best decision I’ve made all year. He has made me feel confident and and I am happy with my results. Highly recommend!!

~ Betty U